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Horse Magazine...current issue cover

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I dont know this for sure but I would guess #804 refers to some companies part #?? The question is, which company???
No idea about that, but I do know that chick on the cover is hot as hell! Actually, that SPS bike is pretty cool she's straddling. Also we should mention that a certain Jamber made it in there this month.... Mr. G and that hot little gooseneck shovelhead!
Man..they just do everything to get the "old skool" immage..

(they even mention the part numbers now..)
penfifteen said:
In the current issue (March) of "The Horse" magazine there is a on a feature on a bike (it's also on the cover) and in the build details it describes the gas tank as being a modified "804".... What's an 804 gas tank?
Paughco 804 tank
that's the tank I have on my Trump....
Trent, is that the same tank you got on the ED from Dragon?

rockymtnpits said:
Paughco 804 tank
Galaxie500XL said:
Trent, is that the same tank you got on the ED from Dragon?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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