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Home powdercoating setup

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I've never really been a fan of powdercoating, mainly since you have to give up control of the project. But since I got started on my new pre-unit project I've been giving it a hard look. (Robbie, I know we talked about this!)

Anyway, I figured if I could do it myself it might be worthwhile. A fun project if nothing else. SO here goes: First I got a double oven off of CL; figured I could make the thing one large cavity.

Job one is the teardown

After removing the porcelain-on-steel oven boxes, I cut the facing ends like a "T"

Spread the panels and reinstalled

With the original rock wool packing of course

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I had the Casswell setup myself. I used a single oven, and was able to do alot of stuff, basically anything that would fit in the oven. With the extra capacity of your oven, you can do much more.

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