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I finished machining some risers last week and thought I could contribute to the board by sharing the drawings I created. These are made out of aluminum and designed for 1" bars with 2" of rise. I added 1.5" of stock to give me something to grab onto...this was eventually cut off. Also, the dimensions w/ a "+" are to remind you to account for your drill point and tap point for full clearance of your bolts. My part off tool was 0.100" which explains the 0.100" of step over for the 1" through hole. Lesson learned for me here: the part off tool didn't like this large, interrupted cut at I only ran the part off tool about half way, then finished the cut on the band saw, then faced off the remaining material. This also allowed me to get the clamping force just right by taking off a few thousandths at a time.

The first picture is the drawing, second is the completed risers on the bike (no cap yet), and the third are some different cap designs I'm thinking about.

I haven't ridden with these yet, just ran the strength calcs, so use at your own risk. Learned a lot from yall so figured I could try and give something back.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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