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Hillclimb style springers on HDs

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Hi all, I am thinking of fitting a hillclimb style springer to my sporty, the
search here doesn't show much on these front ends.
Has any one here fitted one of these font ends, if so can we see some
PIC please and what are they.

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krugger jused one on one of his bikes ...if you mean the new ones (with the frontlegs that go back between the rearlegs and have the rockers mounted in a diff. way) that are being sold by W&W cycles

or......if you mean the org. older ones than it can mean al kinds of models
from a JD/VL/WL or bigtwin springer
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Maybe there are so few pictures because those front ends are so damn ugly?
Maybe there are so few pictures because those front ends are so damn ugly?
There was a thread the other day with a picture of one, yeah they are damn ugly!
Do they handle like a wet turd? Didn't they use those front ends to increase the steering sensitivity at low speed. Seems like you would get the wobbly shopping cart wheel effect to much trail
Id expect the front wheel off the ground at most times any way but look s like the neck and axle line up at the tyre foot print maybe its just the photo


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The original has the front leg on the outside, correct?
Damn, I'm not seeing ugly at all. Just takes a second to adjust your mind.
I think they look great.
a stretch from the norm but way cool.
maybe the haters prefer DNA's?

Sorry ,I must be stupid or some thing ...... the rear wheel is off the ground so there IS trail on the front end its not the photo its my bung eyes
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