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Hey All,

Looking for a resource for left-side high pipes that fit the 71/72 OIF bikes. I'm running a set of aftermarket high pipes on my 66... When I tried mocking them up on my 71, they didn't fit right. I was able to shoe-horn them on, but the double down-tubes made for a REALLY tight squeeze. I wouldn't be comfortable running them.

Looking around, I do see some that look SLIGHTLY different than what I have, but I'm skeptical about them fitting any better. Anyone have a resource for NOS or stock-ish pipes for those specific models? Or is anyone running, or know of aftermarket pipes that DO fit well? Do the pre-OIF stock pipes fit any better?

The high pipes that run on both sides would solve the problem, but not what I want for this bike, and since there was only a 2 year run on OIF C models, stockers seem to be pretty scarce.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!
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