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Hi to all

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After lurking around a while it was time to register here ,i love that Board and all the info provided here .

I'm German Born but live for 18 years in Aruba and hang around lots of Time in Miami .
Currently i have a Guzzi V 7 Racer a Hardtail Bobber and a Bonnie Scrambler in the Stable hope for more to come .

I'm a Chef and have my own place on the island called Madame Janette ( YES it is a Restaurant !!! not what you think ! LOLLL )

I'm looking at the moment for a cool beginners Bike for my GF like a easy going bobber or a nice CR, so if you have something up for sale 3-5 K drop me a mail or PM


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Welcome glad you joined in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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