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Hi from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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My name is Yod and I'm from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'm building my bike now. I got Paughco rigid frame from the U.S. and I'm still saving to buy motor, primary and transmission. Looking forward to learn bike building techniques from you all! I also attach a photo of solo seat that I made by myself:)


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Whao Chiang Mai? Nice...
I've been there, fun place.
Is it easy to find HD parts overthere, or you have to import everything?
Hi Yod
Keep an eye out for my mate Jen there if you get to any of the fights or training. Scottish blondie that kicks ass - literally. Welcome mate.
Hi Yod Nice work on the seat.
ElekVins - Yes, Chiang Mai is a nice place. I've been living here all my life and I love it here. HD parts are easy to find here but they are mostly imported. They are very pricey though because there are also import tax and shipping fee on top of them. Import tax for vehicles is 300% in Thailand. I could never afford a new HD motorcycle here (brand new 2012 sportster costs approx. USD 25,000 in Thailand, which is more expensive than my house!!! ). That's why I have to build my own.

panhead_pete - Which part of Chiang Mai your friend Jen lives in?

Okie Pete - Thanks for the compliment bro!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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