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Hi form West Australia

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Hi all,names Innes.Been checking this site out for a while,awesome content.Ride a 87fxst which i've had for 20yrs.Recently bought a 67 genny shovel from Minnesota,that i'm picking up in early June,then riding round for seven weeks before bringing her home.Hope to meet some of you while state side.Worked as a shearer for 20+yrs,now work in the mines.The shovel will be my first project,looking forward to it..
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welcome Innes
7 weeks = a lot of miles, nothing like doing miles state side on an old girl
have fun man
Hiya Innes

Lookin forward to the build.
Thanks for the welcome,looks to be a few aussies here.have to catch up some time.
G'day mate, trip in US eh, too good. welcome
G'day cob , where abouts are ya ? Perth ??
Hey mate,north east of Toodyay.Fridge is always full!!What about yaself.
Kalamunda. Theres a few sandgropers on here ;)
Hey Mate welcome aboard I am just down the road in country Ks. Brookton WA got a genny shovel myself.
hey guys, have been following blogs and forums for a while but finally joined. just moved back to sydney from Canda where i fell in love with harleys watching my bro-in-law build a couple. i want to take the plunge and do it myself soon. looking for a pan or gennie shovel and also learn as much as i can.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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