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Hey there JD from east TN

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Just got into this whole forum thing. It seems to really help out a lot of people. Just got my first Harley it's a 69 Electra Glide, don't really know that much about the Shovelhead so I figured I would join a board to get a little more help along the way. Have built a few Chevy small blocks and also have 3 other motorcycles. Just wanted to say hello and a little background.
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My other projects are 1970 norton 750 commando. All I have is the complete motor and tranny, just tring to decide on a frame. Cost is an issue so I don't think I am going original. Also have a 1967 c10 with a 327 and 4 speed rat rod style stepside. I am really into wrenching on just about anything. Rockabilly, metal, and county scene are always a blast. Just enjoy hangin with real people and havin a few brews. Just got my 69 shovel going but having some issues with the tranny slipping out between 2nd and 3rd. Can't wait to start meeting some people on here and learning more.
Welcome !! sounds like your not short on projects.
Welcome JD.
I know your over around Rockey Top but please dont paint that 69 with an orange and white checker board and a power "T". :D
It's nice to see another Tennessean on here.
That's true not short on projects. Its something that keeps me sane, others times it can drive you insane. Don't worry you won't see me with those awful colors I'm not even a fan. Originally from Louisiana so I have to support my home state.

Sounds like we have some junk in common, '67 stepside, '68 fleetside, '66 Shovelhead.
Re: welcome

Right on gotta love the old stuff. You can actually work on it.
Thanks jonnybravo I'll look him up. That is the main thing I need got everything else to get it going.
I got a 69 shovelhead and its one of the most dependable bikes I have ever had welcome to the forum
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