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Chopperdave said:
Thanx again for the head, i have subsequently destroyed it for stock use...


but, you have or ever seen the pan manifolds for two amals?
seen them in old catalogs but i have never seen one for sale...

i have been lookin for one for years.
Good deal, glad it worked out .. and I appreciate the mention in the last issue ..

Oh, and good article on 'the biz' this issue .. hit it right on the head ..

I've never seen one of those manifolds, but have had it described to me, and am actually owed one from a swap deal, but will never see it thanks to another deal on a knuckle motor going very badly w/the same party ..

getting ready to hire out a port-moving job for left-side duals on some pan heads here too ..

Good luck in June ..


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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