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Hi ya'all just letting everybody know that my Trump project is starting to happen in a week or two the first pics will be posted and I'll try to keep all of you informed.
Yesterday I got my engine TR 6 650 unit from 1971 and my frame(don't know the year) it's a single downtube frontsection original and I scored a Magneto (supposedly it sat on a sprint bike years ago) the brand is TCME and it looks like a Hunt (clear cover) so if anybody knows something about it let me know.
The planning will be to weld on a hardtail section with some stretch 21 inch front and back using a sprocket brake in the back and maybe a girder front end if we can make it work and it looks bitchin enough, Wes from Four Aces will provide me with a gastank and that reminds me I still have to send him the cash so that's it for now greetz and have fun, DutchRumbler from the low country.
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