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Help with my framenumber!?

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Hi anyone out there who knows the year my frame was build the # is 82-7131 I looked at various sites but I got confused so anyone???
Greetz DR.
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Perhaps it might help if you told us what kind of bike it is.
Well just forgot about it LOL it's a Trump so now maybe anyone knows greetz DR.
That number is the headstock casting/part#. The numbers should be stamped into the neck on the primary side, up high.
Well it's the only number I could find maybe by blasting the frame it came off or somebody allready removed it by the way Wes did you already send my stuff out greetz DR.
Nope I am gonna use the title from 5TA from 1959 and matching frame number just curious what year my unit frame was build!Greetz DR.
Well I took a look at my frame and I only have one fixed front motor mount(small triangular shaped one hole) and on the other side of the fronttube there are two holes for a plate anyone any ideas????Greetz DR.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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