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Help on Wassel Tank find...

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Picked up this black spray bomb Wassel and figured something cool was underneath. Started wet sanding and found possibly an old lacquer paint job? I am sanding lightly and wondering if this is the correct way to do this? Don't know much about paint and don't really know what type of paint it is. Tank is not perfect by any means with some chips and scratches in it but may be good enough to leave alone. Thanks!
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there was a thread about doing something like that awhile back homie.
That's super cool , I'd stop now till you get good advice on how to continue before you waste it , although from what I know wet sanding it with super fine grit ( 1200 / 1500 ish , maybe higher ) and then maybe a final polish would set you up just fine .
Ive done this before.......You are now to the point where the black paint is almost off. You can use mineral spirits to clean the rest.Make sure you dont soke it with the mineral spirits though. Just wipe it. I usualy have a bucket of water and a rag so once you are done with the mineral spirits you can wipe the excess off. If you leave it you will be in danger of burnng through the paint or clear you are trying to save. You can go with wet sanding aswell if the spirits is not working. I am not sure what kind of paint you are trying to take off??? if wet sanding dont worry about dulling the paint you are trying to save. Just worry about how deep you are sanding. Just get to the point where you are removing the black.Once that is done wet sand with 1500 until consistantly smooth....again dont worry about dulling the paint. When all the black is off and you have a smooth surface wipe down with paint prep/cleaner and clear the hell out of it. The clear will bring the shine and luster back as if you just got it painted. When your clear cures wet sand to perfection with 1500 then buff it with polishing compound. After buffing it out It will look like it did the day it was paited originaly.
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thats junk, send it to me and I will make sure it gets disposed of properly
Thanks for the info! I wet sanded for a bit and hit it with a buffer and some cleaner wax ( no compound ) and it came out decent. Has a few chips and all but still cool. Has a real cool "hidden" frenched in front mount. Not finished yet but you get the idea. Wahoo, I'll bring it to Webster!!
That's cool as hell. I don't see why someone would want to rattlecan over all that nice paint in the first place.
yeah who the HELL would rattle over that??? Seal the inside and run it as is!! cool as hell man! you have to be excited about this!
fuck yeah man, id give anything to have that for my shovel... ANYTHING!

nice catch!
Cool, I will look for ya there. I would say I will ride my pan up there, but I barely made it home from Tampa today. The rear brake ate a brake pad and was dragging real bad by the time I got home. I guess it will be the Buells turn to make that trip.
yeah nice work man.......if it has a decent clear coat on it already you can cut and buff it with descent results. Most of the classics ive done were pinstriped over the clear so i like to seal it all in by shooting a nice clear coat over it. The clear will also make all the chips almost dissapear. but you also have to be careful if the striping is on top of the clear it is probably an old school oil based paint such as oneshot. Oneshot is difficult to clear over due to its oil base "fish eye city" just bring it in to your local auto body supply and they will point you in the right direction with additives to help adhesion. If it does have a clear on it now I would definetly throw a few good thick coats on it for sure because it will hide all of the imperfections and chips. Again man props for the excellent work in preserving a piece of history.
that tank is a bute. it's almost too good to be true.
The only reason I can think that someone would cover that is if it was stolen. It is awesome!
You Idiot!

Dont you know flat black is the new pink..........or Kandy......sumfin.......

Seriously, killer nice job on the save. Id get a cheap west eagle alum ribbed ducktail rear fender to run with that. Ubercool find.
I thank you....
well thank-you too....... I sanded off the rest of the cool spray bomb paint and hit it with a buffer and it came out nice. Anyone hear of HORTON BROS.? Their name is on the tank. Cool molded in front mount. Now what to do with it ( besides giving it to Wahoo...)
Anyone heard of these guys? Horton Brothers Auto Body and Painting
Horton Brothers specializes in Restoration, Custom Painting, Hot rods, Motorcycles and other custom work​
Horton Brothers Auto Body and Painting​
391 South Main Street
Big Pine, CA​
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WOW. You lucky pup! Hold on tight to that one. Set it by the TV and enjoy it untill the bike its suppose to be on......finds YOU! And when you have that bike on the road, you'll have a cool story to tell about the project. Nice work. Im glad you got it and brought it back to life.
That thing is awesome. Bad luck green if you believe in that crap. Your stoked.
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