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Help ID a Magneto

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Thought this was for a Sportster but the gear is smaller, threads on the shaft and the shaft itself has about 1/2" of up and down travel ( free play ). Did a google search with no luck. Appreciate any help thank-you!
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What year are you going to use it on...??

As Chevelle said the drive you have fits all Sporties from 71 to 80

Can get the drive for your year bike from Morris...

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Thank-you for the help guys! Should there be the slop in the shaft? Seems like a lot to me, maybe 1/4" free play? Thanks again for your help!
If you are running it on a 900, you will need a different base. That base is for the tach drive on a 71 to 80 sportster. The up and down play is taken up, when it is installed in the cam cover.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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