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hudsoncustom said:
I am more familiar with Harleys, The dual fire ignotion fires both cylinders symultaniously regardless of what stroke the engine is on. On a singal fire system only the cylinder on the power stroke fires,this requires 2 separate coils or a "dual" coil and a single fire ignition module. when using a single fire system the coils I believe have to have a different resistance than the dual fire since they are only carrying 1 spark. The ignition manufacturer should have this info.
Also how are the coils wired It sounds from the way you tested them they are seriesed together each coil should have a - and a + going to it and on a + ground system you should read 0 to ground on the + side of the coil
hook up your meter to - on the bat and to the chassis and you should read battery voltage. Keep us posted. it just may be wired wrong
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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