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Have you done any welding on the bike with the boyer hooked up?I would also recomend unhooking the battery cables while charging the battery.One voltage spike and poof she is gone.If you still have the God of darkness wiringing(lucas)I am probably aint gonna be much more help.Cause all of I get i ripp that crap off and rewire 12v neg ground and use a harley coil.Mine(knock on wood) has not failed me yet to start on first or second kick and runs like a champ.Also I understand 12v neg ground and have a total of about ten wires on my bike.I am also using a small 12v gel cell battery the size of a couple cigarette packs.(power wheels)I think you only need 5 amps for a boyer system if i remember right and it helps keep the lights bright at idle.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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