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flying clutchman said:
hey everyone, i am going outta my mind trying to fix this one. i have been having this issue for a while, but i have been unable to solve it. my bike misssed its chance to be in a magazine because of this problem. help!!!

my battery will read from 11.5 to 12 volts. when i kick it and let it run, it runs until it drops below 9 volts and the bike dies. it only takes about 20 seconds for it to drop to 9 volts. when i turn the key off, the battery will slowly climb back up to the original reading, very slowly, a tenth of a volt at a time. and it does the same thing every time. if i turn on my headlight, the bike dies completely. i have tried charging the battery, i have check every wire and every wire at least four times, there are no breaks or loose connections. so what do you guys think? you think my alternator is no good or the battery? or a combination of both? any help would be great!!!!

The bike isn't charging.....check to be sure this way.....with bike running, check the voltage across the battery terminals and it should be at least 13.5 volts. I prefer a mitymax unit to simplify the system. It eliminates the battery, regulator, and rectifier. They work great on a points type ignition....but not on a boyer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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