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So, Justin (chicoman7), the tallest, sluttiest, warm-hole poking-est biker I know, told me that it is board ettiquette to post a little intro. here goes...

Hi, I am Brin. I live in San Diego and have owned three Vespas and hope that I am on my way to owning the fourth! I am looking for a basket case or a pile of parts and a motor. I plan on shameless plugging my roller derby team (San Diego Derby Dolls) and finding a vespa. not a lot of goals on the list, should be easy to accomplish.

kicks and bruises,

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Post pictures of yourself. That is traditional board ettiquette. Usually new members post several pictures of themselves bending over their Vespas and such. Welcome.
what a coincidence... i plan on plugging them shamelessly too first chance i get!

I got attacked once by a swarm of vespa 1% er's on Houston street in NYC one night, those fuckers got some good low end in city traffic, but are often eaten alive by the huge potholes with those shopping cart tires they roll on - anyway I hope you don't shamlessly plug any potholes out west ; welcome - a -board? -AJ
fuckin rad. i think youre the 1st of the scooterers on here since i signed up. we've got big baggers, little bobbers, long choppers, cafes, enduros, salt flat racers, dirt trackers, mini bikes - why not throw a scooter into the mix?

Welcome and post pics of your Stuff, all of IT. hehehe!!!!
I hear them there vespa things are gettin all kindsa populur these dayz. them skool folks ridin dem things all ovur town. shoot.
There's only one thing in my book that makes a scooter okay, and that's if it's real, real fast.

How fast is your scooter?
Scooters are fun little things to ride they are so easy to manuever around lets see some pics of what ya got
Scooters are fun little things to ride they are so easy to manuever around lets see some pics of what ya got
Here ya go Scooter Thrash. I showed you mine, now lets see yours.


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A lambretta is all my dad had as his daily after Vietnam. He worked some grave yard shift down in Oakland. Thats all I can remember so out of respect I have a place for them in my heart. I think he's even told me about some scooter gangs in S.F. back in the day.
Welcome to the board ya big slut ;) I think when we find you a scooter (vonville) you should use it in the rink just like rollerball!! Oh and show boobies!
Hello Brin,
May I also volunteer to shamelessly plug your roller derby dolls???? Or, uurrr, did I get that wrong..... if you want a sccoooooooter say the word.... I have good connections. If you should decide you would rather build a Triumph I can also help there. Or maybe a Honda 350 F is more your style???
Lovely to have you among us, please encourage your fellow females to join up! Correct me if I am wrong, but is not roller derby properly performed with only protective gear??
Right on Brin! Scooters are huge in **** huh? Been hearing a lot of mumurs about the roller derby gig too. That's some cool shit! Welcome from one San Diegan to another.
hi Brin . . . welcome to the nerd party !
=mike= said:
hi Brin . . . welcome to the perv party !
I fixed it for you.
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