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hello everyone my name is Chris I'm 28 years old and I live in Las Vegas. I'm new to motorcycles and just fell in love with the looks of a nice hard tail triumph.
My father has had a old triumph sitting outside the hole time I grown up. I never looked at it twice, he alway said it would be mine when I was ready for it. Well that day has come. I was always in to cars never had much interest in motorcycles. But now that im getting older I have been thinking about him and this bike. My father passed in 2004 and with that my mother moved back to there home town in Wisconsin one year later. she sold the house she had here in Las Vegas and took every thing with her including the triumph. well last week I flew up there and drove back with the bike in the back of the truck. So here I sit with a now know 1970 triumph T100R that has not been touched in 31 years. like I said before I'm new to motorcycles but have had many dirt bikes and I have good mechanical skills.(not so good at typing or spelling sorry)
The bike turns over so it has compression my mom said the bike ran when it was parked for the last time but as i said that was 31 years ago. I come to you guys to guide me on what to do to get it started. I will be making it a hard tail but would like to get it running before I tare it apart so I know where the bike sits motor wise before i rebuild it.
thanks for letting me be a part of this form and for any help I
may get along the way
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