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Hello my name is FNG

I'm Nate, and I'm new here so I thought I'd make a quick introduction (I found this sight via the H.A.M.B. where you recieve a severe beating if you don't first post an intro, better safe than sorry :eek: )

I got into bikes about four years ago when a real old guy came into the shop I worked at and we got talking about old cars and bikes. He turned out to have an old ('75) BMW R75/6 that he couldn't ride anymore sittin' under a tarp in his back yard. I traded his some car parts and a couple hundred $ for the old heap, running on one cylinder, and drug it home. After a carb rebuild and the regular stuff, I got it running and rode it around for about a year.
I then traded it for a basket case '70 BSA A65 that I restored within about a month (stock with a couple exceptions) with the help of my buddy Eric. I've spent a lot of time on the A65 and I'm finally getting going on my new project.
The new one is a '68 BSA 441 in a ridged '66 Tr6 frame with Bultako/Akront wheels and fork, and a smoothed A65 tank. I'm actually not able to work on it right now, as I'm in Germany, but I'll be home soon and hope to get going on it.

Sorry for the long winded into, I look forward to more of the great stuff on this board.

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