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Hello all!!

My name is Andy or BDB ( Big Daddy Boynton) a nickname given to me by a very dear departed friend. I live in Goodyear AZ on the west side of the Phoenix valley where I do Water Treatment for a Nuclear Power Plant ( Palo Verde ). Im originally from Northern California ( Vallejo) Ive been ridin and wrenchin since I was about 5. Ive had just about one of everthing...mostly build em yerself yard sale finds. Got my first Harely about 20 yrs ago, and have had one ever since. From a 66 XLCH, 76 Shovel, 97 fat boy, 96 nostalgia, and now a 48 panhead. i love wrenchin and buildin, and try to be as helpful as possible. I checked this site out and thought it was pretty here I am

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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