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Hello from the deep south

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Hello JJ members,

I am new to this board as a member but I have been lurking here for quite a long time following several threads.

I started riding at five years old on a Honda 50 mini and have continued ever since.

I bought my first Harley as a 16 year old in 1991, it was a 1975 FL that was as ratty as it could be but it was a running shovelhead.

Since the AMF FL I have owned the following Harley's
1989 FXSTC, 2000 FLHT, 2004 FXDL, 2006 FLST, 2000 FXDWG and a 1999 FLSTC which I currently ride. I also own a 2001 ZRX 1200 ZRX Kawasaki.

I worked for H-D as a Test Rider then as a Test Specialist for 11 years, that explains all the TC's, they made it easy to own a new bike.

I am going to start swaqpping some parts around on the 99 Evo Softail soon and I will post some pics of it on the Softail Thread when I am done.

I think I am going to enjoy this site as a member.
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Hello and welcome!
Welcome. Impressive list!
My list of previously owned bikes might have come off as bragging, but H-D made it easy to own a new bike and the years I worked for H-D (1998 - 2010) were pretty strong years to sell a 1 or 2 year old BT. If you bought a new BT H-D gave you a 20% rebate check for the MSRP. You had to own the bike for a year before you could sell it.

I owned the Shovel from 91 to 2000 and the 89 FXSTC from 93 to 2000 when I sold them both to buy the 2000 FLHT. At the time I bought the FL I was into touring so I bought a FL. By 04 I was married and ready to buy a house so I sold it. After getting my money situation stable again I bought the LowRider. After a couple years of marriage and getting settled, I wanted to tour some again so I bought that FL Softail. I hated the balanced motor and
sold it. Bought that 2000 WG and did quite a bit of modifications to it and rode the hell out of it when H-D decided to move the Talladega Test Facility where I worked to Arizona. Moving to AZ wasnt an option so I sold the WG to pay off some things because I didnt know how long I might be unemployed.
As it turned out I wasnt out of work long at all. I now have my EMT license and drive ambulances in Anniston Al. I was jonesing for another H-D and bought my current Softail the 99.

Hope no one died of boredom!
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