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guess I'll introduce myself.

Name is Sean, from the Minneapolis area.

Been into bikes for a long ass time. Took a couple years off when i lost my left leg to a "inattentive driver" that was late for a tee time. My leg got caught on his bumper of his van and severed it. I never put my bike down though:D

Discovered this board after realizing i want to build a bike. Through a very cool deal I have been able to demo a Victory Hard Ball for the last month. I never thought i'd like ape hangers but ooooh damn i like them a lot. My wife won't let me sell my current bike to fund new projects as she likes to ride on it & she gives me this crap of "half her's"

I know my Vrod is even worse than a Evo to a lot of you guys but I couldn't pass up the deal i got on this bike. So i'll be reading a lot on here, sucking up knowledge and slowly parting a air cooled bike together

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