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hello from Massachusetts

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Hey all,

So after a couple years out of the bike scene I'm back. Due to getting laid off at the end of 09 and some other life stuff, the bsa project I started took an undesirable back seat to more pressing matters. In the past few years I've been able to start a business part time and was fortunate enough to get a job working with a local homeless shelter in their clean/sober transitional work program helping homeless men and women learn job skills to equip them for reintroduction into the workforce.

I also now have the time and ability to finish my 72 bsa a65t project. I'll be looking for advice, constructive criticism, direction, parts, info, anything to help aid me in my bid to fey this thing on the pavement. I also hope to be a help when and where I can be.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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