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Hello from London

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I'm 53 and lived and worked in and around London all my life. I am a technician in the photographic industry and currently work for Nikon UK.

I have owned bikes since I was 16 and close to finishing my 1st build which I started almost 2 years ago. I will post some pics.

Found this forum very useful during the build, not sure why I didn't join before now?

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Im in Newbury, i've also only just joined with my first bike build.... you are lucky you aint closer to me or else I would be pestering you all the time as I have loads and loads of questions :)

You are welcome to pester me so log as I can pester you back!!

I am building an Ironhead chop/bobber/rat too. Mines a '75 frame with an '85 engine. I will upload some pics when I get home this evening.

keeeef.... you can pester as much as you want mate, but I dont have a clue about builds as im doing my first one ever.. im keen to learn though!

however.. if you own a Land rover of any sort (the older the better) then you can pester as much as you as I know my way round those little beauties!

My drum was from an early '70's Sportster which I found on Ebay USA. I had a black powdercoated 16 inch rim and bought a set of stainless spokes and built the wheel up but you can find complete wheels on Ebay but might be expensive to ship over from the states.

Could you not use the disc brake you have and weld a couple of brackets for the caliper then close up the slot on the right side?

yeh I could do that, use the disc brake, weld some brackets and close the slot... but if I can find the drum brake like yours has, then I think I'd prefer to go down that route.

Havent looked yet at how a rear brake caliper should be connected, the caliper I have on mine already has the bracket that goes to the spindle, but the bracket on the frame will have to have some sort of movement to it I guess....

very, very new to all this mate!

Hey there,
I am also in London and am also building up an old ironhead. Bought a running engine in frame a few weeks ago so loads of work to do.
So if you don't mind I'd like to join in the mutual pestering too if I may!
Your more than welcome and good luck with the build.

maybe we should have our little corner somewhere lol
Greetings from central Iowa!
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