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Hey folks,

now it´s my turn do introduce myself.

But first of all I want to excuse my bad english, I hope you understand all the crap I´m talking about, if not, please ask...

So my name is Marc and I´m from Germany, city named Wolfsburg (this is the town the ugly Volkswagen are build).

I´m 19 years old and I´m studying Automotive Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Wolfsburg.

Right now I (must) drive a 2000 Evo-Sportster, I now, not the dream of everybody of the JJ-Members, but I like her, was a good beginner bike :cool:
But now it´s time to sell the Sportster and to buy a british bike out of the
50´s, cheap as possible for sure :D to make a great scrambler-hardtailed-bobber-styled BSA or Triumph.

My other rides are:
- 1 Honda ST50 (very similar to the CT70 selled in the US)
- 2 Honda Z50A (one with 140ccm Honda-Nice engine with Yoshimura-Head and 20 hp, very funny to drive but must also be selled for the british lady :( )
- and some other toys

By searching information of british bikes I found these very impressive board, just what I wanted, nearly without any TC- and What-Oil-To-Use-Fuckers just Old-School.

So, that´s all I can say of myself, hope I can make a good threat when I bought my own lady.

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