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Hello From Frisco, TX

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Just joined the Jockey Journal after years of watching... I live in Frisco, TX, and have a life-long desire of vintage American motorcycles and automobiles. I currently have a 1990 Sporty, 1991 FXR, 1945 WL (I built flywheel up), a 1934 60's period correct drag care, and a Ford 3-window coupe, and a 1931 Ford Tudor Sedan. The '31 Ford we are installing a 1952 Hemi Chrylser 331 Firepower with a Muncie 4-Speed this weekend.

I love the antique cycles with period correct equipent running competitive classes.

I have a few "45 parts left over, so if you need andything i can help you with, please PM me.
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Welcome Greazers, What kind of 45 parts do you have. I'm always looking for stuff I don't need until I see it.
Welcome aboard the board from Iowa!
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