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Hello From Argentina!

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Hello there ! Im Patrick from Argentina... Im new into motorcycles, Never rode a motorcycle until some months ago, a friend bought a motorbike and told me "do you want to try it? you know how to ride a bike?" i said, yeah sure... and well i rode it like a champ! So i was like... mmm now i need a bike for me :D

Well, bought me a 68 200cc Gilera... not the best looking motorcycle as they came out from the factory, but anyways it was the engine, wheels and a lot of pieces. So i started thinking that i want something cooler that an ugly gilera.

Grab the engine, went to buy some tubes and starting to do my first frame... the idea was to make a 40/50`s motorcycle frame. i didnt use any plans or something to guide myself, just the engine and i built the frame arround the engine.

Im planning on using a paralellogram front end (i have to build it) and lot of copper and brass details as fuel lines and that stuff. Also the gas tank if from the original gilera, i cut it down to another shape becouse it was SO ugly. i think it looks cool now. Theres an aditional gas tank (the round brass tank) under the seat, that is a kerosin tank from a 1950's oven, theres a knob to pump pressure into the tank. i want to run it as an aditional gas tank in case of a long travel, if i run out of fuel from the tank i can pump pressure into the other tank and keep riding, fuel under presure will reach the caburetor anyways it is higher than the gas tank.

Im gonna use the original aluminium hubs with spoke wheels, 19" in the front and 16" in the back.

Here some pictures of the bike. Hope you Like it !!

I want to hear opinions !!

This was the bike before i bought it

there starting with the frame

Frame almost done and Testing 18" Wheels with dirt track tires

The trank before (original shape)

some cuts

and almost finished

The secondary gas tank with the pump

and there some ramdom pictures and tire size tests !

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welcome! that's looking great so far! pretty good looking engine, too.

i haven't been to buenos aires in like 10 or 12 years, but had an awesome time there.... lovely, lovely ladies. one of them tried to stab me, but i wouldn't hold that against her: she was my girlfriend and obviously had issues if she was seein' a dude like me.
...hello man, looking very good from here
Im in Uruguay
in 2010 I rode there in my Triumph 1948 to the LA MASA V run in Gral Rodriguez and won a mention for the guy who came farest in an old machine...
Hola, como andas?! I lived in Argentina for a couple years, the people were great, the food was awesome, and the ladies were beautiful. In fact, I'm drinking mate right now , I made a traditional Argentine asado for dinner tonight, and a box of alfajores I ordered just showed up today so I'll have a few for dessert! Looks like you're headed in the right direction with the bike, keep it up!
Argentina, where are all those Vincents that are supposede to be hiding down there? LOL!
Nice work so far. Definitely go with the spoked rear wheel over that ghey mag and white wall... ;)
Nice work. Extra bonus for building your own frame !
Nice shop, for someone who has never rode much. But that aside, nice start to a cool looking scoot. Not everybody has the skills to build a frame, so you have skills, most would love to have. You must be a welder for a living. Tanks, on the other hand, are not for the novice to cut and weld. Nice looking work. Keep the photos coming.
Cool Patrick! I for one love to see different scoots on here. Good luck with it and keep us posted.
Welcome Patrick and congrats on your motorcycle. There is just something about two wheels that I think brings out the kid and the smile in all of us. I grew up around flat track racing so keep up with the style you cannot go wrong with something that looks like it could go around the dirt track back in the day!!! If you could find some Dunlop K70's tires that would be really good for that era. The only thing that really bugs me when I get done with a build is that I feel empty without another project!
Knuckles up....... and again welcome from Las Vegas..............
Welcome to the board.
I'm thinkin ya might have compresion issues with this...
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Welcome...Considering that you're just out of the starting gate and you're coming up with a build like this is almost amazing! Looking great so far, can't wait to see what you end up with!
Well, Theres a lot of time since i posted the last pictures, but here is how the bike is looking today, im too lazy today to start a build thread now, but maybe tomorrow i will !!

Hope you like it folks !!

Good Luck!

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Looking good guys !! Now unfold your arms and get back to work .
That front end would look great painted black with chrome/stainless hardware.
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