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Citycircle city

wassell peanut tank. stamped made in england
inside is clean,doesnt appear to be any dents.
mounting tabs are good
115 shipped to lower 48.

***Headlight pending to KPS_shovel***
Bates/KD bottom mount chopper headlight
this is the earlier style with the wire terminals on the exterior of the back of the housing (my favorite) and the "butterfly style brackets on the bottom,which are way stronger than the newer ones.
it has a couple small dings in the back and on the bezel,needs a gasket under the bezel.but looks like it will clean up nice
the headlight works. i think the indicator bulb is burnt out though. easy fix at the auto parts store.
comes with the bottom mount piece

40 shipped to lower 48

open to trade for a bates p pad,or old leather p pad of another brand.


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