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is running like it should!!!

Finally figured out the whole magneto setting... I set it at 28 deg. BTDC now... I can easily kick through, and it still idles pretty decent.
I'm gonna find out how much more I can get it to the 38 deg. BTDC position with the spark.
It already hauls ass!! Throws me against the fender pretty nicely when opening up the throttle.

It runs less hot and uses less fuel with the advanced setting..

I'm happy..!! Finally all the hard work pays off..!!

Thanks to all of you who helped me out here!

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its nice to get it running right huh ? I fucked around with my carb when I originaly got my bike because it was running like shit . re-jetted it a dozen times . sometimes it would respond to the tuning , most of the times it wouldn't . After a few months of angry late nights in myt garage and my neighbors starting to hate me I figured out it was the spark wires . the coil is an old style carb with pins in the terminals . the spark wire was newer resistor type , and they werent touching the pins in the coils most of the time . . . i.e. VERY INTERMITENT SPARK . I thought it was carb trouble and due to all the tuning I did with it , once the spark was sorted out it took off like a bullet . I know how you feel finally getting it to run just right . congrats !
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