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Ya'll's back east heat wave pushed its way west and hit Los Angeles today!

Greetings from The San Fernando Valley! I'm HopFrog on the HAMB because that's the name of my '27 T-Bucket. I've owned bikes since I was 15. First was a Husky 250 dirt bike. Not one but TWO Bultaco Pursang's graced my driveway back in the day. Long gone are the relics. I'm a cow trailer at heart and never raced. I like upright bikes and loath crotch-rockets in the Ninja sense of the word. If you own one, that' fine by me! My 10 minutes on a friends Ninja, on Angeles Crest Hwy, swore me off them!! hahaha.

2011 finds me Scootless :( I sold my Moto Guzzy last year and am in the middle of revamping my property into a car shop/wood shop. Then I will have a 2 wheeler again. I have to get some car project finished and sold off. I swore to divest myself of forign bikes cos they cost so much to maintain, but!...

After watching the Royal Enfield video, I'm thinking of getting one again! I've had Sweedish, Japanese, Italian... So why not Indian!!??!!?? That looks like a badass version of a Triumph 550; prolly cos it's British design lol (yes, I read the companies History Page). I'm off to a local dealership to look at one now! I found a military model online in North Hollywood :p

I will have to find something American. I'm not fond of a Harley, But they aren't the only American bike :/ We'll see what the future brings.

I'm glad to be here and hope to share anything in my head that helps fellas with anything motor cycles!

Tooky Tooky!
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