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stripped housing with rad rare tractor light sealed beam.. never run since set up. $45 shipped.

Sportster H4 (not sealed beam) headlight with brow. *gone*

bananer caliper... what is pictured is what I got for it... as is $25 shipped.

three narrowglide calipers... could make em all good with rebuilds etc or whatever. $30 for all shipped.

sporty fender struts *gone*

fubar ironhead tranny... door is fucked, couple gears too.. some good stuff. $60 shipped for the whole enchilada

sporty oil tank, good shape $40 shipped.

whores shoe oil tank, super rad... scuse the handprints.. Does not hold battery/clamps in back. *gone*.

shovel oil tank, needs paint $45 shipped
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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