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myke said:
I see the ignition control module but not the power box in that picture.

Power box:
I've never run a Boyer 'power box' but I take it to be the solid state regulator/rectifier .. probably what the finned piece is pictured there above the coils ..

the old standard - the Tympanium .. was not even finned, and folks generally stuck them atop the fender under the seat .. I'd imagine a similar setup to this Norton's would be fine ..

another thing, the earliest Boyer setups used to caution against having the components or the wiring of the two systems (charging & ignition) running together or bundled, because the ignition 'brain' would be faked out by pulses in the charging ..

they must have overcome that in modern times because I see many folks clustering them together like this ..


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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