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Harley throttle sleeve/housing fit problem

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I have noticed on the past few grip changes over the years that my shovelhead throttle housings don't have enough room in them for the sleeve's block that holds the cable end (brass barrel). The 'fangs' that hold the throttle cable (I never use a return) are too wide at the top and need to be sharpened, or at least the outside corners shaved off.

This is with stock shovelhead style housings, with an S&S E carb and the taller cable bracket installed on the carb if it matters.

Here's an upside down pic of what they look like when they are trimmed enough to move free- one side with a square cut out of the corner, the other side sharpened. Sorry it's backwards, but you can see it.

the 'sharpened' part on the 'fangs' is now a failure point. What am I doing wrong? Mismatched parts? I'm using a screw in style cable housing.

greasy in the garage in philly
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Those modern throttles with the return cable have a larger diameter than the older stuff or the single pulls. You can get a replacement grip or a cheap one of these and they have the grip that will fit the smaller housings meant for a single cable. Their like $25 most places.


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Hmm thanks. I didnt notice any choices by year when shopping for sleeves, Ill have to look again
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