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Harley Rockers

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I have a Harley springer front end I bought at the swapmeet which was complete except for the rockers. So I called harley and asked how much the pair cost. They said about 700 dollars for rockers for the front end. So i said screw that I made my own. Let me know what u guys think.

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Dayum!!!! Nice work!!!
Those are VERY nice. Begs the question of why you bothered calling Harley in the first place! :)
well it takes me time to sit design, have a couple of beers. program cnc have a couple more beers, pass out. wake up set up cnc mill, drink a couple while parts run. If part looks good and works well, then ill celebrate to that. It usually takes about a week from design to finished product. where as if harley has it in stock it will only take 1 day to pick them up. But for 700 i rather enjoy my journey in making them myself
yea a set of harley rockers you would expect to be 60-90 dollars.
I would say i will never buy a Harly springer front end with no rockers anymore. But ill be sure to stock up on these from now on.
those are downright beautiful. really, truly beautiful

Ever consider selling those? They're amazing.


Ever consider selling those? They're amazing.

I gotta imagine there'd be a lot of guys with newer springers that would love something a little different.
That's a really nice piece of work, but you better find a new Harley dealer. list the price for the OEM parts at $132 each.

I would just like to add that these are a work of art.
You could even say the exorbitant prices at Harley were your inspiration.
+1 on the work of art! Wait till ya price out the bushings that go with them..... Un-firgin- real!
if hes got the talent and machinery to make these im sure spinning up some bushings would be something he could do in his sleep
super nice. i wish i had the talent to something like that.
Ill be spinning some bushings to install. ill post a pic of the bushings installed on the front end with the rockers
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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