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Hello, a regular over at the HAMB board, It was suggested that I try and get some questions answered over here. First off I am not a bike guy ,so I am in uncharted waters, my stepson picked this up the other day ,and was told that it was a 1966.. we have done some research but are coming up short, everything we find seems to show a V style motor in it.

any help or direction would be greatly appreciated

thank you, Fred

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looks like an "H" model Sprint .. the first few years of them have become Very desirable, especially intact & stock as that one appears to be ..

if he wants to build a beater or 'bobber', look on ebay, there's lots of less pristine examples to start with ..

check out this site .. in particular the "vin info" link has lots of details for id'ing yours ..

and Moto-Italia is one of the best sources for parts & tech info on Sprints & other models Aermachhi ..

Good luck ..


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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