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Hey Guys i am looking for a bunch of different parts for a 1951 Fl i am doing a somewhat resto on . I am only looking for oem parts . I HAVE CASH or Plenty to trade .

Front Wheel Spacer (None Chrome)
Rear Wheel Spacer (None Chrome) FOUND
Rear Drum Sleeve (None Chrome) FOUND
Rear Drum Nut (None Chrome)
Kick Cover Want a 51 Style (None Chrome)
Tank Emblem again this is the 51 Style im after Need One Emblem and Two of the ''STRIPS''
Rear Brake Rods both of them (None Chrome)
Right Side Brake Crossover Connection Piece (None Chrome) FOUND
Kick Stand the round tube version
Riser Cover
Front Brake Lever for Left Hand Brake
Tool Box
Battery Box
Battery Box Holddowns with the Flags
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Hey Sal,I've got a few of the 51-66 covers.I'll check em out and get back to you in a bit.I took a gamble last night and picked up 2 pan tool boxes sight unseen.One has had the lock replaced with a key lock.The other is freshly plated.Both have oem mounts.And I may have a tank badge for you but don't hold me to it...thanks,Junker.
The best cover I have has a crack down the inside of the kick lever bushing boss.So now instead of the best,it's the less shittiest cover I have.Sorry man.
Hey i am intrested in the cover , toolbox and the emblem if you got it ?
I updated the found pieces and still need some more please help i got tons to trade
Got a riser cover you can have PM me your address
Hey i am intrested in the cover , toolbox and the emblem if you got it ?
I started to call you a few minutes ago but had to put the phone on the charger for the 3rd time today...I've got 3 boxes full of parts that I spent all weekend gathering up and about to lay em out on my office floor for pics.I'll go out and get the cover and get pics for ya tonight but it may be tomorrow before I can get em to you.I'll try to have an answer on the emblem for you then as well.The tool boxes will be here within a few days.I bought a pair of nos white lever covers a few weeks ago that are pretty cool.I haven't seen before and don't know who made them but they're made for use on the 41-64 blade levers.I plan on displaying these but if it's something you might be interested in??The original wrapper is fragile so it's sealed in a modern oem parts bag in the pics.The levers themselves are as new...later my friend,Junker.
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Got pics of the cover and if you're looking for the stainless cover used on the oem cast iron 1pc riser I've got a nice one for ya...

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junker thats not the right style for 51 . any luck on the other stuff
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