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I am selling a few things that I am not going to be using. All prices include shipping and are OBO. First come first serve, I will do PayPal or you can send a check (just know I make sure all funds clear before shipping).

35mm narrow glide. Legs came off an 81 Ironhead and trees are off a BT so they have the 1 stem. It needs a stem nut, axle nut and one little bolt that goes in the bottom that holds the damper (like $5 from any parts distributor). It comes with a rebuild kit already. It is not perfect but a good runner for sure. Threads are all good to the best of my knowledge. The wheel is an AMF 19" mag, decent shape as well. This setup does not have the spacers either. I will sell the whole thing for $250 shipped (going to cost a lot to ship I am guessing as it is not light) or $150 shipped without the wheel.

Next up is a set of front calipers off an 81 Sportster.SOLD

Front master cylinder off 81 Sportster dual disc. SOLD

Rear master cylinder off 81 Sportster. Worked great when removed, I already bought a rebuild kit for it so I will include that as well. I am looking for $20 shipped

Rear taillight off 81 Sportster, lens in good condition and nothing wrong with it that I am aware of. $20 shipped

Single Disc narrow glide aluminum hub from 77 sportster I believe. I got it de-chromed and it does have some pitting. Needs internals. $25 shipped

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