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Harley Parts

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Pricesee add
selling off some of the parts i dont want on this bike.

(1) AMF Mags front 19 and rear 16
includes tires(will take off).
disks not included.
$200.00 OBO plus shipping.

(2) Fat Bob tanks inside could use a douche, but run-able
outside paint not bad could use a buff.
$150.00 OBO plus shipping

(3) Calipers R/L for 35mm front end.
pads in about 50-60%
$45.00 plus shipping.

(4) DynaTek 2000i Ign. Plus Coil, for EVO applications.
$150.00 OBO plus shipping

PAYPAL only......shipping Via USPS Priority plus Delvery Comp.
see pic for parts.
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make some open!
ONE LAST BUMP....before egay!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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