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Late model Fatboy wheel NEW Dunlop tire $125.

Late model sporty tank Great conditon no dents or scratches $125

Earlier sporty tank great condition $125

Invader single disc 6 spoke has paint on it and some kinda weird flange looks like a front disc bolt pattern no dents or cracks $150. I think its 21" 5/8 axel i will have to check tomorrow I forgot.

2 Harley 10" rotors for narrow glide dual disc. $50 for the set.

Harley 16x3 wheel Rusty spokes decent rim with a good hub has inner spacer $75

Will remove tires on wheels. Fatboy wheel has a new tire, shipping is extra on all items.
Make offers we are cleaning house, the stuff is going on my ebay store thought id offer it here first .

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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