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Harley Five speed/Six speed cross-compatibility?

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So I have a Twinkie 96"er. It has the stock "Cruise Drive" six speed box mated to it and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the earlier five speed box from a twin cam 88B would bolt up or not. I'm not looking for all of the reasons why I shouldn't do it, just some experienced answers on whether or not the bolt pattern/ mounting pattern is compatible between the years. Exact question:

Will a five speed box from a twin cam 88" B motor bolt up to the back of a newer twin cam 96" B motor?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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No, the 06 Dyna and 07 all bigtwins have a diferent primary and trans case, the early SC six is diferent than the latter 06 on up six speed......

please excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure what you mean by "early SC six" ?
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