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Harley Davidson MX250 Parts and Accessories Collection

This is a list of all the stuff I have left for the HD MX250 motors. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will probably never see this many NOS motor parts together at one time. Don't Miss out on this!

Used Harley MX Pants Size Medium

2 Sets of good used cases

One set of cases has a good used Dansi ignition in at and a good used solid pin crank

One set of NOS cases

1 NOS Hollow pin crank assy

1 NOS Solid pin crank

20 NOS Center case gaskets not folded, packaged flat

1 NOS Cylinder kit

1 NOS Cylinder head

3 Good used cylinders, all need re plating

6 NOS Pistons

1 Nice used piston

17 NOS Piston rings

16 Base gaskets

25 Piston retaining clips

1 NOS Exhaust flange

4 NOS Exhaust flange gaskets

4 NOS Cylinder vibration rubbers

22 NOS Head gaskets

1 Used cylinder head, very nice shape, no compression release hole.

2 NOS Dansi ignitions, rotr and stator

1 NOS Dansi relay box

2 Good working Motoplat ignitions

1 Good used Dansi coil

1 NOS HD Spark plug

2 Used Oil pump block off plates

2 Used speedometer block off plates

4 NOS Felt washers that go behind the countershaft sprocket

1 Used drain plug

8 Small wave lock washers

1 NOS Throttle cable

1 NOS Clutch lever

1 NOS Clutch lever assy.

1 Used clutch lever assay.

1 Orange clutch cover

2 Nice used clutch cables

4 NOS Clutch hub nuts

3 1/2 NOS Clutch ramp assys.

4 NOS, 3 USED Clutch retaining hold down clips

1 Nice used clutch center hub

2 NOS, 1 Used clutch baskets

1 Nice used clutch pressure plate

10 NOS Outer clutch fibers

2 NOS Clutch diaghphrams

39 NOS Clutch metal plates

13 NOS Fiber clutch plates

7 Nice used metal clutch plates

14 Nice used clutch fibers

2 Nice used oil pump block off plates

10 Clutch hub nut lock plates

1 NOS Shift lever left

1 Nice used shift rubber right. Yes there was a difference. You could read HD both ways.

A Lot of misc. NOS and used stock hardware, shims washers etc for the MX250 motor

45 Various sized trans shims, all NOS

21 Various size crank spacer washers

2 NOS Shift shaft seals

3 NOS Crank seals

3-4 Trans and wrist pin bearings

4 NOS Crank bearings

8 NOS Trans bearings

2 NOS Crank sprockets

19 MISC. Trans gears

2 NOS Shift arms

1 NOS Shift shaft

3 Sets of NOS shift forks

2 NOS, 1 Used 4TH & 5TH Fork Pins

2 Sets of NOS Shift Pawls

30 NOS Clutch hub lock nuts

3 NOS 1 Used shift drum cam assy's.

3 NOS Trans main shafts

1 NOS Countershaft

1 NOS Shift fork pin

3 NOS, 1 Used shift drum cam assy's.

2 NOS, 1 Used trans countershaft assy's.

1-13, 1-14, 2-15, 3-16 Tooth countershaft sprockets

Crappy copies of manuals

Nice copies of MX250 manuals and articles

3 Nice 78 Parts manuals with inserts

1 NICE 75 Prototype parts manual

1 75 Prototype specifications manual

Factory drawings of suggested modifications direct from the race shops Ron Alexander


1 '77-'78 Motor built out of NOS parts. The only parts that are not NOS and are very nice used are the ignition cover,cylinder head, drain plug, trans dip stick, round HD logo'd clutch cover and 1 screw for that cover. The kicker assy is not there either.

The estimated total of these parts is well over $12,000.00

I would really like to sell it off in in a whole lot. he price for everything together is $10,000.00 cash + Shipping Can be delivered to Unadilla on June 2nd&3rd

THANKS, Don Miller Metro Racing 570 663 2105
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