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Harley Custom Show Daytona Bike Week

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I have had some discussions with Harley-Davidson about how to improve their bike show in Daytona Bike Week.

Don't know where it might go but I have my fingers crossed and would like to see this grow if possible. Especially if we can get American Iron Magazine involved some how.

What would YOU like to see Harley do there and what would inspire you to bring your custom or classic Harley to their ride-in bike show in March?

Just asking.
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Prove your not going to award the top prizes to an OCC bike, a bog-stock standard Harleys with a a full compliment of one particular genuine accessory range, or a 3 day old CVO bike.
Didn't they start in the mid-'90's with the stipulation that you have to have a H-D Factory made engine (or at least original Factory cases) in your bike to even enter any H-D Corporate-sponsored show like their Daytona bike show, for example?

That right there eliminates a lot of people on this board that you're asking for ideas, and eliminates a lot of other people out there as well from entering, so idea soliciting here is kind of a mute point, don't you think?
I didn't know HD had a bike show. Maybe they could ask Willie to run it.....and have the amca do a swap meet. Hold it at the skate park so the young guys will come....with a short road run to a local dirt track for some ahrma flat track racing.
Some excellent ideas. Thanks. Please keep em coming. Again, I have no idea wheere this might lead, but who knows?
I'm not familiar with the rules/ classes of the show but I'm sure everyone on this board would like to see a amateur/ garage built class and a vintage class if there isn't one already.
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