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Harley Bubble Bag Restoration Info needed

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Just got a set of Harley bubble bags. I need some info on restoration, what type of material are they made of? Has anyone restored a set? These have got a few cracks and was needing to know if they can repaired? If so with what?
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Never repaired one, but if I am right, they are made from a material, called royalite(spelling may be wrong). It is some type of plastic, not fiberglass. Some of the HD experts will chime in, when they see this.
Are you gunna do it your self, plastic weld?
Bubble bags are A.B.S, Royalite is brand like Lexon is to polycarbonate.
Plumbers cement is your friend for minor stuff.
Here is a rough guide.

Any plastic bumper repairer can see you right, for the money.
Plastic when sanded should adhere to fiberglass for repair or even jb weld. I always thought they were fiberglass though. I guess plastic would be stronger and maybe that's why the flex more and hold up better than my surfboard
You can repair them a lot of ways, but the stock texture will be lost, I used trunk splatter paint after repair to get them close. I used regular body filler, 50,000 miles still good!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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