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Here is some more of my stuff. I need to sell it and I'm willing to let it go for a relatively low price. So if you see anything give me an offer but please consider my shipping costs. I'm in a hurry and desperate to sell it all so take advantage of the situation. Gotta fund my bike build and this is how...I will never use any of this shit! Ha. If you want a better pic of anything just let me know. Thanks.

HD Ironhead 1974: front fender,headlight eyebrow/visor (polished chrome lookes very nice), left side mirror, points cover,chopper gas cap with pikes.

BSA A65 Lightning 1970: forks with brace locked up need word get em for cheap because I'll never use them,headlight (british, so it works on other makes), Gran Turismo black 7/8" hand grips

Yamaha XS 650: Kicker arms one off a 1973, one off a 1978, rear disk brake complete assembly plus extra master cylinder, front brake disk.

Sumitomo brake caliper with bracket, I'll sell it cheap.

Old Honda rear wheel good condition with 16" rim, chrome is pretty nice for an old japper.

Bubble face shield.

Cadillac radiator cap old.


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