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Great wrap up to our LSR last record.

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This has been a good season for us, and at Maxton's last race ever before the big move to Ohio this past weekend we finally broke the 4 year long 150 curse cementing the achievement in Maxton's record books for all time. Getting past 150mph in a mile has been a major uphill battle, even after running 158 at Loring's 1.5 mile track this year. We where planning on really blowing our previous 149 record out of the water but I'll definitely take the 151 run I put down on Sunday morning.

On the N/A hornet I was trying my best to up our 122mph record but ended up spinning the clutch hub on the main shaft mid run in 3rd gear, it must not like my drag racing launches... No real damage but definitely unexpected as this bike has been our "hot lap" bike.

With all the data we have collected this season on both bikes I can not tell you how anxious we are to get back to Loring next year and put down some serious numbers with black the turbo/nitrous bike, we have a lot more room for improvement and are finally making headway in R&D.

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Means that I broke my own record Paul, bumping it up from 149.5 if I remember correctly.
Congratulations on a great season Rivet!!!! You make BSAs do wonderous things. Long may you continue. The salt is beckoning. This year maybe?
Loring is our main goal, if things turn out well we will be making the trip to the salt hoof, looking forward to meeting all the left coasters.
Meant to ask. Will you be making the haul to the new ECTA course in Ohio? You'll love the salt. You get to hang it out for three miles. I have to go back. Some unfinished business to take care of.
I saw you run all weekend. Great final meet and I got to drool over your bike up close. lots of work going on on that bike. Congratulations.
Thanks for the pics...and congratulations...dudley
Congratulations! Must feel fabulous to hold a record.

Congrats, that one may be yours forever.
Ya hoof, we will definitely be heading out to Ohio next year. Really looking forward to racing with some midwest brit bike guys. And if everything goes well this winter I may bring out my 200mph club attempt nitrous powered ZX12R. Good luck on the salt, we all know what its like to have unfinished business and the struggle.

Thanks guys for all the positive words.
Just got the new issue of Bonneville racing news and found a small bit about the September meet.

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Just got the certificate from Loring this past year, REALLY looking forward to ohio this year. Starting to get antsy.

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A piece of paper like that is just priceless.

Hey just to rub it in: Rivet tunes all my bikes!!!! :D:D
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