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GRAB BOX! everything for one price.

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huge grab box, you get it all... "dibs" has 12 hours to pay-pal or it's back in rotation. pay-pal only.

includes the following:

33mm fork brace stamped T.E. (off pre-unit triumph front-end)
clamp brackets from elswic cycles
HD/brit cross bred kicker
amal 930 velo stack
mixed triumph inspection caps
HD filler neck and new cap
1.75 stainless 45* bends
bent 4" supertrapp disc's (only one one side, straighten pretty easy)
snafu 7/8 bar end plugs
amal pancake filters
new in box small uni filters
triumph shifter
7/8 B.T.E. hand control lever
triumph spedo drive
new mikuni carb top
betor/ceriani front axle and nut
stock triumph front springs

$70 shipped in the 48.

P.M. me with any questions.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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