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Goofy Mini Drum hub , Spool ??

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Not really sure what to call it ?
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looks like a coaster brake off an old bicycle! Should make a nice conversation piece if/when you run it. Does the mechanism work well? (freely I mean)
Hey, I'm running a no-brake spool. It would be nice to have "little" something to keep you from rolling back on a steep hill. Probably wouldn't use it for much else.
it looks like a mini drum that Defiance Cycle Accessories made in the mid 70's. I'll have to search through my magazines for a ad
Cool , thanks
Here ya go. If your ever selling something I dig cut me a deal on it
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Wicked cool,, thanks,, and I will
Nice find, never seen one in person. I'm thinking they were taking some real poetic license with "stop" a- chopper.....that thing ain't stopping shit!
Someone who took one apart told me that the internals were very much like a bicycle coaster brake. Did you buy that one? I got outbid.
Stop A Chopper In the 60s Cal passed a law that choppers had to have a front brake instead of just a spool hub, This was the answer Qualified as a Brake to pass the Inspection Would only stop You if used in conjunction with a brick wall. I have a complete Wheel with this hub Saved from the 60s. May use it someday for the Old School Look
Thats minni drum is mint, I seen one laced to, ithink, a 21" wheel a couple weeks ago on chopcult.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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