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Good/bad brands of rims

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So, I've been interested in lacing up a rim on a hub I've got... but I want to make sure the rim I get is a) going to be round/straight enough to true up w/ reasonable effort, and more importantly, b) not going to be a weak piece of shit that'll fail.

So, are brands like V-twin, Custom Chrome and Bikers Choice going to work, or do I need to hit the dealership or hope that a used take-off will be fairly straight?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe an option is to look for OEM on the classifieds here - wanted adds work. :)
An Excell hoop from Buchanans is one of the best. Its not cheap, but its alloy and strong and straight.
Maybe an option is to look for OEM on the classifieds here - wanted adds work. :)
As Pete mentioned above, or don't forget about asking at your local dealer, there might be an old rim still on the shelf somewhere? Dealers can check inventory nationwide.

Another option is the one that FeHd mentioned, Buchanans. They carry a few different rims.

As far as the choices you mentioned, V-twin, Custom Chrome and Bikers Choice, I'd suspect that those are all off-shore made products? That would be your choice.
Hmm... not a real big fan of buying imported, cheap, Asian shit. But, just 'cause something's inexpensive doesn't mean it's necessary imported - or a piece of shit.

High Point pistols come to mind: ugly, inexpensive, big and clubby looking, ugly, made in the U.S., and really, really goofy looking. Decent guns if you can get past the looks.

But that's pistols and not bike rims. Anybody got any experience with some of these brands? Know where they're made?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, damn... forgot... had one more question: how beefy are the aluminum rims that you see for sale?

My bike is a fully-equipped (turn sigs, starter, battery, etc) '01 Sportster, that will see a little two-up riding (and I weigh 240 by my porky self!), and I don't really want to find that an aluminum rim wasn't quite strong enough. Saw enough bent wheels on kids' cars when I worked as a mechanic that I know a pothole can win vs. a wheel... hence the questions.

Akront TR the best looking wheel on the planet !!!
Try and lace it yourself , it's very satisfying ... And not as hard as you think.
Tell bucanon spokes what you have and they will hook you up .
Good luck !
Buy from Buchanan's if you want quality. I figure since they lace up what they sell, they ain't gonna be pedaling out of round rims.

If you're going to ride with the bike loaded and not planning to race I'd recommend a steel wheel. The main advantage to alloys is that they are light. The downside is that they are not as strong as steel.
An Excell alloy rim is every bit a strong as a steel one, if not stronger. Especially the shouldered ones.
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