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Going back to square one.....pretend you dont ride,

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Ok, heres the deal. Many of you from the HAMB know I am more heavily involved in hot rods than bikes. That said, I grew up on dirtbikes, around HDs (uncle owned a shop) etc.

The last time I did any amount of riding was around 4 years ago. My old Honda 500Twin was a blast but I neglected it to the point it wasnt any fun to ride.

I traded that bike off to a pal for a Honda 500/4. It was a neat little restored bike until he stored it outside. I plan on freshening the 4 up this winter. I intend to use the 500 to get back into riding on a regular basis. I would rather do this for minimal expense and get some miles back under my ass.

I also hate the fact that folks who have never ridden go out and buy a big bike that they cant handle. I dont feel right doing that.

Also, Carla (my wife) has been wanting to learn how to ride. She can bomb around our acreage on my old dirtbike to start but I feel the Honda will make a great second step for her.

Then I must admit, being a fabricator is the one thing I dig. I am really itching to try out some ideas I have on a bike. I blame Condor,Cole,Shoes Trump and the Danny F post for inspiration. Down the road I might just have to play with a Vtwin or a Britbike. I really feel the need to do something. I know my good pal CrazyD would like another person to ride out here with!

I dont want to join any "scene". I just want to get back on a bike because I enjoy it.

Kinda a rambling post. I guess I am asking for thoughts and input?
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Atch, we are both about the same height, with short legs. I plan on lowering the Honda for myself anyway. Should work out.

I think that beginners class is a good idea, I might even take it. If I remember right, you get your endorsement easier when you take the class, no hokey riding test inthe parking lot.

Tom, yeah man the hills are killer. Even better after the Rally and you guys all go home! hahahahaha
Tony said:'s been about 10 years since i rode a bike on the street.
Like you, i'm more into cars, but there's always been a spot for bike's too.
I LOVE fabricating, it's something thats become a major factor for me in whatever i try and do.
I picked up a triumph from my uncle last month, in pieces, and i'm stocked about getting back into it.
I'm deffinately NOT a biker..never claimed to be..
But i'd be lying if i didn't say there really is something special about getting on a bike and matter how close or far..
I have a feeling once i get this one built...there will be more to follow.

No matter what you start with....i have no doubt you'll be building the bike you want to build sooner than you think..
And judging by the pics i've seen of your touring, it'll be one kickass bike i'm sure!
Tony, I feel the same about the "biker thing" as you, thanks for the kind words about my touring!
Isnt it possible to also get a break on your insurance also if you take a course?? When I was active in oul local ABATE the chapter would pay the cost for you to attend a course, but I was never able to take advantage of it unfortunately.
you guy are makin' me feel good. i dont have to pretend. i havent owned or riden a bike in prolly 12 years. i've been so heavy and headfirst into cars i didnt really have the time. also the more i asked around i thought and bike was outta my price range. it turns out that bikes(like cars) can be found inexpencive if you wait and look long enough. theres also the goodguy-discount. i figured i'm not a bike, so i'd never get that kinda hook-up.

so now i have 2 50s chevies in my garage a complete BSA and a rolling chopper chassis. this should be a fun wrenchin' winter.
ive never met a gr8 rider that didnt start in the dirt
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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